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Three online friends have been playing an online game together and they finally manage to arrange an meet-up!! What will happen? Friend things? Gay things?? Who knows??? You know if you play the game.

The game has three endings, good end, bad end and neutral/friend end! They are about balancing friendship and love.

If you want to get help with any of the endings message me on tumblr or twitter and I'll help you out!

My first visual novel! I also made this game for Yurijam 2016!

Content warning

strong language, discussion about sexuality, discussion about sexwork, usage of alcohol and tobacco

Consider supporting me if you like my work! All donations will go towards feeding this poor little transgirl.

If you like what I do you can support me on my patreon or donate through the itch.io's pay what you want feature! <3


writing, sprites, GUI by me

- GUI based on Ren'py Hypercard Framework


Backgrounds from Google image search, found by the option of Labeled for reuse with modification and then filtered by me.


- 'Fingers feel better' By Smiling Cynic

http://www.noisetrade.com/smilingcynic/single (CC BY 3.0)

- 'The stress response' By Macroform

https://archive.org/details/FieldLines (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 US)

- 'up in building' By Macroform

https://archive.org/details/TheGreenSun (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

- 'Sorry', 'Fall In Blue', 'Nervous Club Weekender', 'Sleepy' By Ykymr

http://cctrax.com/ykymr/spring-fields-become-a-hum... (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


- 'Inside Train Wagon' by caquet (CC BY 3.0)


- 'Sirens_in_The_Distance.wav' by ivolipa (CC BY 3.0)


- 'Valladolid station2_kort.wav' by HerbertBoland (CC BY 3.0)


And you for playing! <3


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I liked this a lot. I really enjoyed the different characters hanging out and learning about each other and being good friends. I got the good ending.

Afterwards, I read the code to see the bad ending, and… idk, I felt a little hurt that the game didn't respect my choice to seize the moment? (even though i didn't actually make that choice in my playthrough…)

anyway it's pretty cool that I was so invested in the characters that I took the bad ending personally! But I wish i never read it because i preferred the good ending but now i can't unsee the bad ending.